Friday, 1 April 2016

11am update - failed break

US equities have already seen a sharp reversal from the early low of sp'2043 to the 2060s, with VIX recovering from an opening high of 15.28, back to the 13s. Metals remain broadly weak, Gold -$18, with Silver -3.1%. Oil is so far unable to recover, -3.1% in the $37s.

sp'60min - A1

VIX'60min - A1


... so... I come back... from a brief retail excursion and I see green indexes.

This is not great...

...and I guess the opening black-fail VIX candle was indeed just another early warning.

Broadly though...  this mornings mess doesn't change anything.. but it does mean the bears have to start all over again.

.. and understandably.. some of the bull maniacs will now be gunning for the sp'2080s.  

time to cook