Monday 2 April 2012

Weekly Wonders

Just another little brief look...this time..the weekly cycles

IWM weekly

I would get concerned if IWM breaks below 82 at any point this week. A break under 82..would open up as move to as low as 76 - roughly a 10% move...aka..SP'1300.

SP' weekly

SP' is far more stronger than the Rus'2000 (aka, IWM), even though momentum IS lessening, we are still positive cycle, and there is ZERO sign of levelling out, never mind any rollover.

*VIX - weekly. I won't even bother posting a weekly VIX chart, just seems pointless. The daily moves are all noise, and until I see it above 20' is doesn't seem to merit any serious attention right now.

So, today was another up day, and the weekly cycle is continuing the same low volume melt up. Only a complete maniac would be heavy short right now.

Good wishes

Another Bullish Monday

Okay... not the most exciting of days, but it'll do. The early minor opening expected..failed..and then another slow motion melt up. I can only imagine how annoyed some of the bears were again with today. There are such a lot of dire econ-news stories out there right now - especially about Spain, but the markets are relentless.

Sp'60min cycle...

VIX' 60min

VIX, double cycle lower, trying.. to claw up..but could just easily fail again at the Tuesday open. Again, whilst we're still under 20, this is all noise.


The hourly index cycles look toppy, but we could easily open up again Tuesday. I'm not meddling.. I dropped a call block earlier, positions to start tomorrow. There is econ-data all this week..including the  big jobs data Friday -but we're closed then anyway.

more later...probably.

Smaller cycles..are maxed

Brief update...

exited calls I'm watching....

SP'60min cycle

Tempting to take a short position this afternoon, but primary trend remains UP

More later.