Wednesday 15 January 2020

Phase one signed

US equity indexes closed a little higher, sp +6pts (0.2%) at 3289. Nasdaq comp' +0.1%. Dow +0.3%. The Transports settled +0.3%.




US equities opened a little choppy, but leaned upward to break new historic highs to sp'3298. The 12pm hour saw US President Trump, and (tier'4) Vice-Premier Liu He of China finally got around to signing a phase one trade deal...

Whilst the US was represented by Trump, there was no sign of Xi, whom I'm sure had 'better things to do'.  The afternoon saw a minor burst upward on the excuse of the Fed's latest beige book, but then price leaned weak to 3280, only to see a micro ramp to settle a little higher at 3289.

Volatility remained subdued, with the VIX settling +0.2% at 12.42. The three day break.... can't come soon enough.

Post stormy Tuesday

Ray of hope
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