Wednesday 3 October 2018

The Dow is so fetch

US equity indexes closed on a positive note, sp +2pts (0.1%) at 2925. Nasdaq comp' +0.3% at 8025. The two leaders - Trans/R2K, settled +0.5% and +0.9% respectively. Near term outlook threatens early Thursday weakness, but the market is clearly m/t super strong.




US equities opened moderately higher, with the Dow breaking a new historic high of 26951. The sp' once again found resistance at the 2937s, and saw yet another afternoon cooling wave. Thursday might open a little weak, but the 2900 threshold looks comfortably secure into the weekend... if not the month.

Volatility was naturally subdued, with the VIX melting into the 11s.

notable stock: SHLD

Sears Holdings broke a new historic low today of just 75 cents. Mr Market is arguably suggestive that this company will shut it doors soon... probably just after Christmas.

Today was October 3rd, and whilst it was a Wednesday, yours truly most certainly did not wear anything pink...

The Dow IS fetch though.  Ohh, and if you don't like Mean Girls, you're at the wrong site.

A fine autumnal day
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Goodnight from London
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