Thursday 30 April 2020

April settles

US equity indexes closed broadly weak, sp -27pts (0.9%) at 2912. Nasdaq comp' -0.3%. Dow -1.2%. The Transports settled -2.9%.




US equities opened on a weak note, and leaned weak into the afternoon, with the SPX printing 2892.


The Cramer touted... "Its embarrassing, its ridiculous, its necessary". On a positive note, the Cramer is at least right about the first two. Further, he was one of the first in late Jan/early Feb' who did recognise the looming Corona problems... even noting his canned goods stockpile.

The late afternoon saw a moderate recovery, as the sp'3000s remain viable, before another swing lower. Volatility picked up, the VIX settling +9.3% to 34.15.

April ends with sunshine and showers

Full moon will be May 7th
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Goodnight from London
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