Monday 22 July 2019

Starting positive

US equity indexes mostly closed on a positive note, sp +8pts (0.3%) at 2985. Nasdaq comp' +0.7%. The two leaders - Trans/R2K, settled +0.2% and -0.2% respectively.




US equities began the week on a slightly positive note, although the gains were pretty shaky at times. Volatility remained relatively subdued, with the VIX settling -6.4% at 13.53. The s/t cyclical setup favours the bulls early Tuesday.


In early morning, the US President took a triple tweet swipe at Print Central...

Does Trump recognise the fed won't cut by -50bps next week? In any case, it should be clear, whenever the market next plunges, or with any kind of weakening econ-data, Trump has his scapegoat already selected. Bullard remains on track to replace Powell... sooner, rather than later.

Descending into London.. where a new Prime Minister is due Tuesday.

A fine summer's day.
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Goodnight from London
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