Sunday 12 July 2020

Sunset into the twilight zone

A little glimpse of the world of yours truly...

A little evening peace

9.00pm BST... in the London metropolis

Sunset on another day... and year, for yours truly.

Remaining... a rare sight

Still (not) open 24hrs

Its been four months - the distant days of March 12th, since I ventured into a shop. Its certainly not because I'm concerned about the Chinese virus (why would I be?), I've simply no tolerance for being around any of the hysterical unwashed (literally... in many cases) sheep, or to play along with any kind of 'medical theatrics'. 

UK retail will never be the same, and neither will US/global, as the shift to online ordering has been accelerated.

Sunset into the twilight zone

... another sunset... into the twilight zone. If I make it through another year... I'll be somewhat surprised.
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