Monday 4 November 2019

Starting positive

US equity indexes mostly closed moderately higher, sp +11pts (0.4%) at 3078. Nasdaq comp' +0.6%. Dow  +0.4%. The Transports settled +2.3%.




US equities began the week on a very positive note, with a trio of historic highs for the SPX, Dow, and Nas'. 

Volatility was somewhat resilient to equities, but at such low levels, its mostly all to be seen as noise. The VIX settled +4.3% at 12.83. Today's SPX candle settled black, and it leans s/t bearish.

Your views...

A collective 82% of you expect the fed to start buying T-bonds by end 2020.

I have to say, considering the strength of the US equity market, I'm increasingly dubious of rate cut'4 this Dec'11th.

Winter is near

Full moon Nov'12th
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Goodnight from London
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