Tuesday 20 March 2012

Dow - can it break below 13k?

Am so tired of it all, I didn't even login today until after the close. So we opened lower, and most indexes crawled back up to some extent - although the R2K looks especially weak.

The Dow'30, near term, daily

The Dow is (I believe) the only index still holding its October low trend line. A break below 13,000 at any time would be one initial warning that maybe something interesting is going on. As it is, the only marginally bearish issue is that the daily MACD cycle is rolling over.

Bulls will need tomorrow to break Mondays high of Sp'1314. If Wednesday closes red, then bulls have a potential serious problem..

VIX is still pathetically weak, there is very little fear out there, until we see a break back into the 20s, its all irrelevant noise.
Maybe more later..but probably not.