Thursday 6 February 2020

Just another day

US equity indexes mostly closed a little higher, sp +11pts (0.3%) at 3345. Nasdaq comp' +0.7%. Dow +0.3%. The Transports settled -0.5%. Near term outlook offers some cooling into the weekend.



It was just another day in the twilight zone, with the SPX printing a new historic high of 3347 in the early afternoon.

The US President...

Ironically, highlighting the acquittal headline from the Washington Post.

On the flip side...

Bernie Sanders is finding himself battling the leadership of his own party, but then that was also the case in 2016. Regardless of whether you're for Trump, Sanders, or whomever, the ongoing political freakshow sure makes for endless free entertainment.

There is also Corona...

Within 4-5 days, the official case number will reach psy'50K, and then onward to 100k (probably before end month), as there is no containment. In addition to problematic China, India should be the next concern. 

4.09pm GMT

Departing not-the-EU

Another sunset closer to summer

Full moon is the night of Feb'8/9

Goodnight from London

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