Monday 27 July 2020

A Golden start to the week

US equity indexes closed broadly positive, sp +23pts (0.7%) at 3239. Nasdaq comp' +1.7%. Dow +0.4%. The Transports settled +0.9%.




US equities opened in chop mode, but did claw upward into the late afternoon. Volatility was itself subdued, the VIX settling -4.3% to 24.74. 


Gold broke above the Sept'2011 historic high of $1923s, printing the $1941s. Today's cooler dollar in the DXY 93s certainly helped.

Gold, monthly'3

Psy'2K could clearly be seen before end month. Next big target is the 2400/500 zone.

Your views...

88.2% of you expect Gold to break above 2K before year end. With gold already breaking a new historic high, yours truly is open to 2400/500 before year end.

Around a third of you expect Silver to max out within the 25/29s.

Its not surprising to see Barrick Gold as the leader... and the leader is it, if not in price (still to break new historic highs), but underlying fundamentals.

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Goodnight from London
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