Sunday 22 February 2015

Three busy years

A third year is now complete for this part of the financial blogosphere.

Some thanks...

I would like to thank all of the following, who I'm always appreciative of....

There are others of course, many of whom have their sites listed in the various link sections.

Forwards.. and onward!

With the loss (although there really isn't a polite word to use) of Google adsense, at some point I will likely move my intraday postings to a subscription service. No doubt that will annoy some, but that is just how it will eventually be.  However, I've no immediate schedule on when that might occur.

Regardless... it has been a very busy three years, with 7526 posts. My original intention was to do one post a week on a Sunday evening - as I originally used to do on the ERX board via Yahoo! finance. Things quickly spiraled, and I'm cruising along at over 200 each month, not counting the other 3 blogs I currently run.

Not as expected

The market certainly hasn't traded as many believed it would. Those touting sp' 2k in 2011/12 were deemed lunatics... and yet here we are.. .the sp'2100s.

Quite frankly, I'm largely resigned to this paper/QE bubble driving the sp'500 to 4-5k by 2017. From there, a 50/70% crash... maybe back to the old giant double top of sp'1500s. I do not expect the sp'500 to trade under 1500 ever again.

Eventually... after the next crash... it'll be time for me to change my name to something more balanced... something that I am periodically already suggested to do. After all... how can a 'Permabear' tout 4-5k for the sp'500? For now... I'll keep the name... but will likely switch in 2019/20.

As always, I do sincerely appreciate any comments/feedback.. whether via the Disqus comments system... or if you prefer... you can always email me (see Contact page).

Let the fourth year... begin!

Back at the Monday open.