Monday 17 September 2018

Headed to the moon

US equity indexes closed on a broadly weak note, sp -16pts (0.5%) at 2888. Nasdaq comp' -1.4% at 7895. The two leaders - Trans/R2K, settled -0.9% and -1.1% respectively. VIX settled +13.3% at 13.68. Near term outlook offers a turnaround Tuesday, and more broadly... this market still looks headed for the moon into 2019.




The week began on a weak note, with most indexes opening fractionally lower, and leaning increasingly weak into the mid afternoon. Volatility picked up, but the VIX is still only seeing the 13s, which does not merit any mainstream hysteria.

Bonus chart: China, monthly

With an overnight decline of -1.1%, the Shanghai comp' is currently net lower for the month by a very significant -2.7%. The Jan/Feb' 2016 low of 2638 is indeed very near. Under that... psy' levels 2500, then 2k. I remain wondering just what the communists are thinking. 

Headed to the moon

This evening, 6pm PT (2am BST), SpaceX will announce their first private/commercial passenger, who will be on the BFR that will do a loop around the moon. I'd believe that launch will be in 2020/21... which really isn't that far away.


I can't emphasise the importance of BFR, a reuseable vehicle able to do intercontinental hops for Earth, or for travel to the moon and Mars. Massive long term implications for humanity itself.
Yours truly is rather hypnotised by any moon light. The following three pics (no photoshop, all untouched), taken with a Canon 730. The first is natural, the second is with 100x zoom, and the third with max zoom of 160x.  Frankly, I think they are pretty incredible for what is just a handheld consumer camera.

Natural view

100x zoom

160x (40x optical, with 4x digital).

Ohh, and the next full moon is next Monday, Sept'24th, a day after the official start of autumn.

Goodnight from London

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