Thursday 16 January 2020

The algo-bot melt continues

US equity indexes closed broadly higher, sp +27pts (0.8%) at 3316. Nasdaq comp' +1.1%. The Transports settled +1.0%. Near term outlook offers broad chop into OPEX, and the long three day break.




US equities opened moderately higher, and it was enough to generate another set of new index historic highs. Price continued to melt upward into late afternoon. Volatility remained subdued, with the VIX settling -0.8% at 12.32.

Open day Friday

Friday will (likely) be an open day at
First post will appear by 8.30am EST.

Whilst price action will be inclined to broad chop for OPEX - ahead of a long three day break, I'm sure there will be some dynamic individual movers that will merit attention.

Yours.. awaiting summer sun
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Goodnight from London
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