Saturday 5 September 2020

The last of 12326

February 22nd 2012.....

First post...


This post will be the last under the online moniker of 'Permabear Doomster'.

The name was always overly quirky, and directional in nature, even though I really wasn't particularly that way, especially from summer 2013 onward, back when the SPX decisively broke above the 2000/2007 double top of the 1500s.

Since then, I've endeavoured to offer as balanced a view and outlook as possible. Understandably, some of you have found it difficult to deal with someone called 'PD', whilst also touting a m/t bullish outlook.

Its September 5th, 2020, and its time for a name change.

Three new sites...

Subscriber site:

Home page:

New public blogger page:

Minor notes...

The 'Permabear Doomster' blog/site will be left up forever, or as long as Alphabet/Google, maintain the servers.

The secondary pages of 'Fair value stocks', 'Buygoldsilverusa', and 'MARCON' will remain active, at least for the moment.

As I'm using the same Blogger account for 'Trading Sunset', as I did for 'Permabear Doomster', the original 'author' for 'Permabear Doomster' posts, will now appear as 'Trading Sunset'.

I will be using Disqus on all three new sites.

After a little over eight and a half years, and 12,326 posts (including this one), its time to retire a name.

This is the Permabear Doomster.... signing out.