Sunday 18 March 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast Chart

This is what I'm focusing on right now....

As is often the case, there is nothing too special about this chart, no near term 'guesses' or wild predictions. It is however a good summary of where we have come from in the past six years of sheer lunacy.

Six years indeed, and it remains laughable how some have been touting 'bullish market/economy' for almost 3 years now.

My question/comment to them would be...

 '...yeah, give me a call when..1. all the main indexes are at nominal historical highs, and 2. the indexes are at new highs -inflation adjusted....   3. the Bernanke quits paper printing for at least 2 years.

Until then, the delusional will keep buying their Zinga, the Yelp, and the banking stocks. Good luck with that in the long term, you crazy maniacs.

More on this later!