Thursday, 5 December 2019

More optimistic, less optimistic

US equity indexes closed fractionally higher, sp +4pts (0.15%) at 3117 . Nasdaq comp' +0.05%. Dow +0.1% The Transports settled +0.01%.




US equities opened moderately higher, but the gains were shaky from the start, with the market swinging lower to 3103 by mid morning. The afternoon saw further chop, with a brief swing lower around 3pm, on yet another trade headline, this time of 'less optimistic'. 

Volatility was ground lower, with the VIX settling -1.9% at 14.52. The SPX daily candle was black, and leans s/t bearish, with a mirroring hollow red reversal candle in the VIX. Friday offers some dynamic price action, not least if the market interprets bad news (jobs data) as bad news.

Winter solstice is Dec'22nd

Twilight moon
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