Monday 29 June 2020

Conflict of interest

US equity indexes closed significantly higher, sp +44pts (1.5%) at 3053. Nasdaq comp' +1.2%. Dow +2.3%. The Transports settled +2.8%.




US equities opened on a positive note, but the gains were shaky from the start, with the SPX quickly reversing to test giant psy'3K. From a print of 2999, the SPX swung upward to 3049, seeing increasing chop, with a cooling wave to 3032, and renewed closing upside to settle at 3053.

Volatility was itself relatively subdued, the VIX settling -8.5% at 31.78.

Conflict of interest

Yours truly has always had issues with mainstream financial TV. The literal 'cheerleaders' - not least the Cramer, Eisen, and Liesman, have always been supporters of the central banks.

The Cramer... now partly funded/supported by the Federal Reserve

The press release from the NY fed has clarified Print Central is now in (financial) bed with some 794 companies.

Full list: see:

Specifically, hit the link for 'June 5, 2020' which was actually posted/released Sunday June 28th.

A few notable mentions...

From hereon, whenever any fed official is interviewed by CNBC (owned by Comcast) or FOX Business (owned by FOX), there is a massive and obvious conflict of interest.

I'm guessing the mainstream cheerleaders on CNBC and FOX business will refrain from ever acknowledging this.

Ohh, and...

... its pretty incredible to see the Fed are now an owner of corp' bonds/debt in tier'1 miner Newmont (NEM). All that is left is for the fed to start buying the equity, and you know dear reader... that is just a matter of time.

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