Wednesday 8 July 2020

Broadly choppy

US equity indexes closed broadly higher, sp +24pts (0.8%) at 3169. Nasdaq comp' +1.4%. Dow +0.7%. The Transports settled +0.5%.




US equities opened on a positive note, but the spx maxed out at 3171, with a cooling wave to 3136.

The US President appeared at 9.50am EST...


Global Corona cases, as of midday Wednesday July 8th 2020, totaled 11,884,799, with deaths of 545398. The death rate (as % of global popn - 7.8bn) is currently 0.00007%. It remains the case that very few are aware of the latter number. Certainly, various governments have no interest in highlighting it, for fear the populace will have increased justification to revolt against ongoing restrictions.

The afternoon saw further chop, with a mini ramp into the close, settling just 2pts shy of the morning high. Broadly though, price action remains choppy within 2965/3233 since early June.

Volatility remained relatively subdued, the VIX settling -4.6% to 28.08.

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