Wednesday 26 February 2020

Helicopter Money

US equity indexes closed very mixed, sp -11pts (0.4%) at 3116. Nasdaq comp' +0.2%. Dow -0.5%. The Transports settled -2.2%.




US equities open on a positive note, and battled upward to 3182, but the sellers appeared, with the SPX turning moderately lower to 3108.

Volatility saw some swings, a low of 24.76, but then pushing to the mid 29s, and settling -1.0% at 27.56.

Whilst the official Chinese case numbers are leveling off, we have growing outbreaks, notably within South Korea, Italy, and Iran.


Helicopter Money

There was overnight news that Hong Kong - among a number of measures, will give HK$10000 to each permanent resident above 18yrs of age. That equates to $1283 or so.

Its not the first time the HK leadership has thrown money at the populace.

If Corona virus sees significant outbreaks within the US, the Fed' are going to respond with further rate cuts and continued QE. Yet, it seems increasingly probable that the US Govt'/Fed' will start issuing helicopter money.

Q. When will the US Govt'/Fed' start issuing block/s of free money to the general population?

Q. How much might the US Govt'/Fed' give people? 

Can we expect 'helicopter money' of $1000 per US Citizen (>18yrs of age) at some point this year?
These are ever more crazy times, and helicopter money has to be expected at some point. Corona would certainly be an excuse.

Spring is coming!

A moment of peace

Twilight skies -Venus and the Crescent moon

Next full moon is March 9th
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