Friday 5 October 2018

Falling into the weekend

US equity indexes closed broadly weak, sp -16pts (0.5%) at 2885. Nasdaq comp' -1.1% at 7788. The two leaders - Trans/R2K, settled -0.8% and -0.9% respectively. VIX settled +4.2% at 14.82. Near term outlook offers another attempt to tag the upside gap of 2919/25.




US equities opened in minor chop mode, seeing an early high of 2909, but that was all the bulls could manage. With bond yields continuing to rise, the algo-bots took it as another excuse to resume lower. The sp' saw an afternoon low of 2869, but then saw a late day ramp to settle at 2885.

Volatility printed an early low of 13.46 (11.72 in pre-market), and then whipsawed back upward, seeing a high of 17.36, and then cooling to settle in the upper 14s.  S/t outlook offers equity upside to at least sp'2919/25 zone, which should equate to VIX 12/11s.

Bonus chart: Germany, monthly

The DAX is currently -1.1% at 12111. It is very important for the European, and to some extent, the US equity bulls, for this market to resume back upward. If l/t trend from 2009 is broken, that will merit alarm bells, as its effectively open air to 8k.

Not the most bullish of ends to the week
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Goodnight from London
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