Friday 25 October 2019

Climbing into the weekend

US equity indexes closed broadly higher, sp +12pts (0.4%) at 3022. Nasdaq comp' +0.7%. Dow +0.6%. The Transports settled +1.7%.




US equities opened a little weak, but saw a reversal, and battled upward into the early afternoon. The SPX printed 3027.39, a mere 0.59pts shy of the July historic high. The afternoon saw a little cooling, settling at 3022.

Volatility was subdued, with the VIX settling -7.7% at 12.65.

Dow 650k in 2069?

The Cramer... musing on Dow 650k
Baron with Ms. Quick of CNBC...

Half a century is a long time, and unless I get myself a time travelling DeLorean, I don't think I'll get to find out. 

Extra charts in AH (usually around 5pm EDT) @

Goodnight from London
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