Thursday, 1 October 2015

1pm update - daily 10MA.. holding

US equities have seen a significant down swing from the opening high of sp'1927 to 1900. The daily 10MA has held as first key resistance on the daily cycle. Next downside target is the Tue' low of 1871.. and that does look probable tomorrow. VIX remains notably not able to push upward... yet.




So.. 3 hrs to go...

As noted a little earlier.. best case was a daily close in the 1905/00 zone.. and I'll stick with that.

Anything <1900 would be a real bonus.. and merely increase probability of 1870s tomorrow.

*the bigger monthly cycle is offering 1850s as a viable 'marginally lower low' in the near term.. before upside into earnings season.

*I remain broadly short..  seeking to clear the decks into the weekend.