Thursday, 1 October 2015

12pm update - momentum swinging back to the bears

With each hour that the bears can hold the market from making a new intra high, underlying price momentum on the smaller cycles is turning back toward the bears. There is threat of a strong snap lower on any sustained break under the hourly 10MA.. but more probable early tomorrow.




*for now... VIX is showing zero sign of market concern... a daily close in the 25s would be useful.

Not much to add. Today is arguably just about halting the short term upward trend.

As someone on the short-side, I'd be content with any close at 1920.. or under.

*lots to say on the new Oct' monthly candles... but more on that later.

VIX update from Mr T.


Here in London city...

 A few hours of slight warmth

time to see what the cheerleading maniacs are saying on clown finance TV...

12.14pm.. I would certainly agree.. VIX is a little odd right now... only fractionally higher. as Dow -190pts.

Will need to see 1870s tomorrow to see VIX 26/27s.

The 30 threshold looks out of range.