Thursday, 1 October 2015

11am update - the hourly 10MA

US equities have put in a short term high of sp'1927.. along with VIX 23.09. First target for the equity bears should be a break and hold underneath the hourly 10MA.. which will be around 1910 in the 11am hour. VIX is trying to turn positive... first target is the 26.50/27.00 zone.




Today is setting up better than feared.. from the overnight high of sp'1940.

Most realistic case is a daily close in the 1920/15 zone.

Best case is Thursday close 1905/00... which would offer good chance of the 1870s by tomorrow lunch time.

If that is the case... those short - including yours truly.. will get a reasonable exit opportunity into the weekend

notable weakness, AAPL -2.4%.. and that is not helping inspire others in the tech sector.

time for some sunshine... or I'll go crazy and go long.. or something similarly stupid.   back at 12pm