Friday, 18 September 2015

3pm update - borderline

US equities are set for significant net daily declines, and now it appears to be a case of whether the 'rats jump ship' into the weekly close.. or instead some kind of short-stop cascade back into the 1970s. Regardless of the exact close.. its been a rather wild week.




*I'm tired....  thank the gods.. its almost the weekend

So... this market continues to struggle. There are sporadic little waves higher.. but we're still seeing equal down waves.

Best guess:  renewed upside... but if we see sustained action in the 1950s next Monday, it will arguably rule out new highs next week.

back at the close... unless something dramatic happens

3.36pm... well.. it ain't pretty... as things are... fractional net weekly declines...  and 2020 again looks like a top from the 1867 low.

VIX +10% in the 23s... a close in the 24s would bode well for the equity bears for Monday