Friday, 18 September 2015

2pm update - stuck near the lows

US equity indexes remain near the morning low of sp'1962. It remains a very borderline situation, and the bull maniacs should be fighting for a weekly close in the 1970s. As it is, any weekly close >1961 will still make for a net weekly gain.




Little to add... and really, I'm starting to slow down into the weekend.

Best guess... we hold support and battle upward in the first half of next week.


notable strength: AAPL, -0.2%...

weakness: FCX -10% in the $10s..

Meanwhile... a glimpse of sun to end the week in London city

Summer is over in NW Europe.... its a struggle just to get to the upper 60s.


.. Oil loses the $44s... and sp'1959.....  VIX 22.50s... notably below the opening high.

Overall though.. this is rather powerful post-FOMC sell down... a full -3%

2.26pm... another push upward....


I have to think we'll still claw higher next week....