Thursday, 20 August 2015

3pm update - new lows

The market has seen another micro wave lower to sp'2042, with Dow 17041. Things are clearly 'on the edge' here, as the sp' has taken out the July 8'th low. VIX is +19% in the 18.10s. Gold is continuing to catch a significant 'fear bid', +$20 in the $1150s.




So.. a marginal new low of sp'2042... and no doubt the cheerleaders on clown finance TV are about to have a valium drip installed.

After all, we're now a full 3% from historic highs, and they will soon be screaming for Yellen to initiate QE4, along with reducing int' rates to below zero.

An interesting day, but until the Dow loses 17000, its just that.. interesting.

I'm tired, and will return at the close... unless Dow 17k fails... which I doubt.