Thursday, 20 August 2015

11am update - almost there

US equities remain significantly weak, with a new intra low of sp'2051 - with VIX 17.35. Meanwhile, the Dow is fast approaching the key 17000 threshold... which will very likely hold. From there, a viable bounce to the 17400/600 zone. Any sustained action >17700 looks out of range for months.

Dow, daily



*my early exits in VIX/AAPL sure don't look good now. I'm clearly overly cautious.. .and impatient.

Frankly, I'm starting to get real annoyed.

So.. what now?

I don't expect Dow 17k to be broken in this cycle....  a bounce looks due, and that will likely take some days.

Right now, I guess I will sit it out until next week. I sure can't go long VIX from the low 16s - whether late today or tomorrow.... its too high. and lately I can't seem to time a decent entry in VIX.

Gods damn it... we may as well be Dow +300pts.... I'm getting tired of this.

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