Tuesday, 29 May 2012

2pm update - VIX holding up very well

Highlight of the day so far remains the strength of the VIX. There are really not that many occasions in a given trading year when both the indexes are +0.5% or more, and the VIX is green, maybe just 10 out of around 250 trading days.

The hourly index cycles are a real Bermuda triangle of problems right now. Is it a giant bear flag ? It sure looks like it on the sp'60min cycle. Yet with the break over 1330 this morning, urghh..its just tricky. Only with a break back under 1300 would I feel confident re-shorting.




We still have two important trading hours left of today. There remains a LOT of key econ-data this week to come - although ADP jobs data is out on Thursday - due to the holidays.Thur/Friday will be very dynamic market days.

*FB due to slip into the 28s,   $9 down..just another $25 to go until 'fair value'

FB, daily

More later....