Tuesday, 29 May 2012

10am update - the rally not going to hold?

Despite the opening gains..there are very clear warnings right now. The VIX is holding up VERY strongly, when was the last time we saw the VIX green whilst the market was up almost 1% ?

*Consumer confidence: 64.9  vs 69.7 expected...hmm, much worse than expected!

IWM, 60min


VIX, 60min


This next hour is very important. If the bears are going to stop this market advancing, they need to do it this hour!

Note that the VIX'60min cycle is due to go +cycle in 2-4 hours. So, the opportunity does exist for the main indexes to turn red sometime in the late afternoon.

FB remains laughably weak, sub 30s' still likely by the close. Quite a few people buying FB option puts today, but the bid/ask spread is overly wide - but thats normal for first day/week trading.

FB, daily

More later!