Friday, 1 April 2016

Bits and pieces to wrap up March

It was a powerfully bullish month for US equities, with the sp'500 +127pts (6.6%) @ 2059, whilst the Transports gained 8.2% to 7944. WTIC Oil +$4.44 (13.1%) @ $38.34. Copper +2.5% @ $2.18. The USD settled -3.7% @ DXY 94.61.


Trans, monthly2

WTIC Oil, monthly'2

Copper, monthly'2

USD, monthly

Looking ahead

Friday will see a wheel barrow of econ-data...

Monthly jobs - market is expecting net job gains of 210k, with a headline jobless rate of 4.9%. That does not seem overly optimistic. The real issue will not be the actual number, but how the market interprets the data. Considering current market sentiment, any 'better than expected' number might be the excuse for equity downside on the notion that another rate hike will be brought forward.

other data: PMI/ISM manu', consumer sent', construction spending.

*since it will be April 1st, beware of ALL stories !

Goodnight from London