Thursday, 3 September 2015

1pm update - support around 1950

US equities continue to slowly cool from the morning high of sp'1975. There are a number of aspects of support around 1950, and the market should stabilise in the 2pm hour. VIX is threatening to turn briefly positive... but broader target remains 22/19..and its notable that we did see 23.45 today.



No doubt a fair few of the bull maniacs are getting increasingly unsettled as most of the US indexes look set to turn fractionally negative.

With the big monthly jobs data tomorrow.. equity bears face the real threat of renewed upside into the weekly close.


The mid/low $110s will be tempting.

1.10pm.. Well, AAPL is around $1.80 lower than my early exit.     Its interesting.. but no sign of leveling out yet.

sp'1952... bulls will be getting twitchy about now. 

1.16pm.. Market offering an initial floor @ 1950.    Its kinda funny really.