Thursday, 3 September 2015

10am update - opening gains

US equities open moderately higher, with the sp +15pts @ 1964. VIX continues to cool, -5% in the 24.70s. Regardless of any sporadic micro down waves, the broader trend looks bullish beyond the 3 day holiday weekend.. and probably into FOMC week.




So... the second day higher...  with VIX well on the way to the low 20s.

All things considered... we're another day closer to a viable market crash... and I don't use the C word lightly.

Anyway.. first things first... we've an FOMC to get through.. in TWO weeks time.

*I EXITED AAPL-long from $112.55... minor gain... but it does make for a third consecutive AAPL trade (1 short, 2 long).. all net positive :)

I would consider picking up again in  the 111.25/110s.. but not until 2pm.

If it keeps rising... I'll just sit back.. and watch.

10.06am.. notable weakness. NFLX -4.3% @ $100... a loss of 100 would be a real problem.