Monday, 24 August 2015

3pm update - margin calls into the close

US equities are set for increasing severe weakness into the close, as unquestionably, some of the trading rats will have to be liquidated into the daily close. Right now, a daily close <sp'1900.. along with VIX 40s looks... highly probable.




Some vicious closing hour selling looks due....  strap in.

updates into the close....

3.02pm.. Its getting real nasty....   clearly... massacre into the close.....

Who wants to hold long overnight? Urghhhhhhh

3.10pm... Santelli on CNBC bitching about the Fed... as ever.  One of the constants of the universe.

sp -71.. @ 1899... a sub' 1900 on track.   VIX 40s.

3.22pm. ugly hourly candles this afternoon...

Tuesday bloodbath....a'coming

3.43am.. wild west trading.. Dow swings from -700 to 464 in barely a minute or so.... INSANE.

VIX +45% @ in the 40s..-

3.49pm... well, its been one insane crazy day.   Tomorrow is likely to see further insane swings.... the issue is whether we break a new low... or bounce back to the 2000/2050 zone.

With the sp -61pts ... 1909.

.... back at the close.