Monday, 24 August 2015

1pm update - ultra reversal

US equities continue to rebound, and most indexes are now within range of turning positive by the close. VIX has rapidly cooled from the 53s to 30. As things are, a multi-day bounce looks very possible, but those holding long overnight will be at serious risk.


AAPL, daily


*with the current price action so strong... the threat of another major wave lower is diminishing.. as reflected in the VIX which is set to lose the 30s.

For now.. I am content on the sidelines.... as others are doubtless willing to battle it out in what remain hazardous conditions. Call it what you want, but unlike some, I ain't lost anything today.

re: AAPL.    There is of course the issue with Mr Cook and his love letter to Cramer. Ohh, I mean... the 'this is not breaking any SEC rules' letter.

Yes.. everything is fine when you're a billionaire.. if your stock is under pressure.. just give Cramer a call... or fire him an email telling him how your sales are fine.

No doubt, despite some - notably those on ZH, calling him out on it... Cook is one of the gang... he won't get pulled up on this mornings letter to rescue his stock.

1.24pm...  Well... the micro 15min cycle looks maxed out.

Now its a case of how far down we go.. but I've seen too much upside to consider shorting into this. 

.. or maybe I'm just weak?