Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Volatility climbs a little into year end

The VIX crept higher for the third consecutive day, closing the year @ 13.72. The VIX high for 2013 was a mere 21.91 in June - when sp' was a considerable way lower at 1560. The VIX looks set to remain under the key 20 threshold until at least late Jan/early Feb.





Most notable, since the financial panic/crisis of autumn 2008, the VIX continues to put in lower yearly highs.

The 2012 high of 27 seemed low, and yet 2013 managed to undercut even that, with a peak of just 21 !

This remains a market that is effectively fearless. It is a market that knows the central banks will print as many trillions as necessary to keep this paper bubble going...

..well, at least for another 2-3 years.

more later..on the indexes