Tuesday, 31 December 2013

3pm update - the big finale

With one trading hour left of the year, the indexes have slipped an astounding...if not horrific 35 dow pts from the earlier historic high of 16563. Circuit breakers ..on standby...yes? VIX looks set to close the year in the low 14s.



...updates into year end (what else would I do?)

3.12pm.. sp'1842....support in the low 1830s...as if that is a low level. Anyone still think the 1820s are viable this side of February 2014?

Notice the metals...after the morning mini hyper-ramp..Silver is back red..Gold...+$4..looking weak.

3.23pm...after all..why would they let the indexes close red after a year like today?

RIG $49.30s....come on RIG !

 yours..not at all biased, ;0