Tuesday, 31 December 2013

10am update - tired market, tired permabear

The indexes are battling to hold fractional gains, with sp'1844 holding as the recent high. Metals remain weak, Gold -$7, Silver -2.6%. Oil is weak, -0.8%. The rest of the day will likely see some chop, but with the usual underlying upside bias.


SLV, weekly


So..some slight upside, but its nothing of significance..but then..neither are we likely to see any sig' downside.

Notable strength: TWTR, +5%, DRYS, +2%

*I'm tired..time to cook early lunch..if only to help keep me awake.

10.09am.. metals going nuts!

GLD, 5min

I've no idea what this crazy hyper jump is about..but it sure is whipsawing the metals bears out.

10.18am...new index highs...no doubt annoying the few who are short right now.

Regardless of the close...underlying pressure should remain upward into the coming weekend.

Shippers picking up..DRYS +4.8%