Tuesday, 31 December 2013

11am update - still awake

The Dow is holding the 16500s, having closed 2012 at 13104..a clear 2400pts to the upside - roughly..10pts per trading day. Metals have snapped higher, with Gold swinging from -$10 to +$15,  we now have bullish engulfing candles on the daily charts....kinda interesting.

Dow, monthly

GLD, daily


Well, I've taken my lunch, so...I'm kinda waking up again, ha.
Ahh yes..year end..things all get a little tiresome..but hey..tomorrow is free at least..we can rest then :)

notable strength: TWTR, +6.5%. 

My much touted RIG looks on course to break $50 this week, but really, I am seeking 52/53 as my first exit by mid January