Friday, 18 October 2013

3pm update - 4000 posts before sp'4000

The main indexes are battling for a powerful weekly close, with gains of 2.5% for most indexes. The VIX has recovered from the early low of 12.34, now at 13.25. Yet..the VIX is to be dismissed now. The market looks set for further gains in the weeks..and months ahead.

sp'weekly8 - mid term bullish outlook


It has been one hell of a week...

The political drama has ended (at least for a few months). Normal service has resumed. The QE continues.

...the market is rallying, and will keep rallying until the QE fuel stops.


This is the 4000th post since I joined the party 18 months ago. I can only hope I'll make it to the big 10k..and where will the sp' be then ? How about 4K?

I think GOOG says everything we need to know about the current market state...

GOOG, monthly, 10yr

A huge gain on what are good profit margins..and likely very significant continued growth in the years ahead.

3.25pm...sp'1742, pretty incredible really, but last weeks closing weekly spike-floor candles were warning of a turn. The only thing that really needs to catch up is the Dow.

Equity bulls should be seeking a weekly close in the 15800s this Nov/Dec. That should be enough to confirm much higher levels.

Dow, weekly.

*Clown finance TV going all out to celebrate their 'Queen cheer leader'. Similarly, Mr Market has come a long way since the early 1990s.