Friday, 18 October 2013

12pm update - mini moon ramp..on a full moon

The main indexes are generally holding moderate gains, although the Dow is again somewhat laggy. Metals are a touch lower, whilst Oil is +0.4%. VIX is melting lower, -8% in the 12.40s..a weekly close in the 11s is just about viable. Notable mover remains GOOG, breaking to $1007.

sp'monthly3e - bare bones


Sometimes, its best to strip all the nonsense lines, counts, and labels away, on a non-log (arithmetic) scale..and just stare.

Go stare at the above..and then ask yourself...which part of this market is currently bearish?

*I can only suggest anyone still in denial (don't deny it!), to go read the world monthly index posting I did last weekend. ALL world indexes are bullish, and set for gains of 20/30% into spring 2014.

It still bemuses me how no one seems to give a damn about any of that though.

VIX update from Mr T.

time for tea!