Thursday, 19 July 2012

10am update - wondering where the lunacy will stop

Opening gains, moderate, but certainly vulnerable to a reversal, at least for a few hours.

Phil Fed Survey:  -12.9  vs -16.6     Lousy!
Leading indicators: -0.3  vs +0.4   weak!
Existing home sales:4.37m  vs 4.55m  - weaker than expected

Update - econ' data all poor, nothing good there.


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We're at the top of the channel on the hourly index cycle, so...its going to be difficult for the market to hold these initial gains. 

With the lousy econ-data, early gains fading, but we're not collapsing. Bears have ZERO downside momentum right now. Its going to take a few days just to get a down cycle started.

VIX flips the low in for volatility?

More later