Tuesday, 19 June 2012

11am update - quietly patient

Market having what might be its last decent up day of this 12 day cycle. We're right in the target zone!

sp' daily 4mth

transports, daily

*a break over 5400...and the bearish case gets thrown out (unless its a mere intra-day spike)


Everything is on track.

Can you imagine, the Bernanke is sitting at the table right now, with all his printing friends (including Yellen..aka..Queen of Print). However, the Bernanke is not stupid, I believe he can convince them to wait until early August. The Bernanke knows he should let this next down cycle first play out before he launches any QE3 bullet.

The good bears should have faith in the Bernanke ;)  I sure don't agree with his academic assessment of the economy, but he IS a good tactician.
*I will post up my attack plan for tomorrows trading, after the close today.