Monday, 24 August 2015

9pm update - Japan opens -2% @ 19k

US equities remain moderately weak, sp -11pts, equating to an open of 1959. Meanwhile, Japan has opened, with the Nikkei lower by around -2%.. at the 19000 threshold. The more interesting market though remains China.... due to spin up at 9.30pm EST.


Japan, monthly


There is viable downside in the Nikkei to the gap zone around 16500. That certainly looks probable by early Oct.

No doubt though, the BoJ will be standing by to rev up the money printers.

*Final update of the night.. due at 10pm... after China has opened and traded for 30mins.

9.32pm China opens -4%... breaking the key low of 3373....

next support.. 3200/3000... then 2500

9.39pm US equities starting to unravel with Asia... sp -18pts.. 1952... new lows look due.