Monday, 24 August 2015

12pm update - the battle is FIERCE

US equities remain seeing some extraordinary nano/micro swings, as the battle continues. Some traders/commentators are calling sp'1867 a key low - along with VIX 53s. However, the bigger weekly cycles continue to offer a full test of the Oct'2014 low of sp'1820... and even the 1725/00 zone.. within days.




Suffice to say... lets see where we are trading in the 2pm hour... I suspect we'll max out there.. and fall into the close.

*I will consider an index short at that time...

VIX update from Mr T.    due

*seemingly a no-show*

lunch is served... back at 12.30pm...

12.27pm.  The bounce is getting a little strong, and as things are.. any index-short looks overly risky. After all, there is obvious upside to 2040/50.. or even 2070s.. before resuming lower.

Yours... very cautious