Monday, 25 March 2019

3pm update - into the close

US equities continue to see some swings, but with a viable micro double floor of sp'2785. A s/t cyclical bounce threatens the 2810/20s, before resuming lower.. ahead of BREXIT, which (as things stand).. is scheduled for Friday, 11pm GMT.




Suffice to add, the moderate swings continue. The s/t cyclical STILL favours the bulls into early Tuesday. I'm actually concerned of a tag of upside gap to 2844/54, with VIX 14s, before the next swing lower.

notable stock: AAPL

Despite all the mainstream fawning over Apple, the stock is set to close sig' lower for a second day, and perhaps below the 200dma.

notable weakness, DIS

Disney has been broadly stuck for over three years. S/t bearish, as giant psy'100 isn't a stretch.

notable financial: BAC

Bond yields remain leaning weak. If I'm right about the US 10yr to 2.25%, then BAC and others will be dragged lower into early April.

notable stock: ROKU, 15min

Some crazy swings today, and I'm glad to be out of this one. The break above last Thursday's high does negate the s/t bearish outlook. I'll likely leave this one alone, and switch to indexes instead.

back at the close...