Thursday, 12 May 2016

11am update - bulls faked out

US equity indexes have seen a clear reversal, with most indexes already turning fractionally red. VIX is confirming the move, swinging from 13.95 to the 14.90s. As things are, things really only get interesting on a break of last Friday's low of sp'2039 - with VIX >17.




*I'm trying to not get lost in the minor noise this hour... so daily/monthly charts!

A clear reversal..  as initially seen in the precious metals/miners.

Now its a case of whether a daily close in the 2050s... or the 40s.

There are a truckload of interesting movers so far today...

I'll highlight the bigger monthly cycles.. as they are what really interest me....

AAPL, monthly

NFLX, monthly

stay tuned!