Thursday, 7 April 2016

2pm update - bearish skies into the close

US equity indexes remain broadly lower, and there is still high threat we'll see a daily close in the sp'2030s.. along with VIX 16s. Further downside looks probable across much of Friday, to the sp'2020/10 zone.. which would arguably equate to VIX spiking into the 18s.




*every little nano equity rally is being sold into.

Little to add.

Best guess.. another micro wave lower into the close.. breaking <2042... and triggering a truck load of long-stops.

If correct, it'll be somewhat entertaining :)

Meanwhile... here in London city...

The brisk spring showers continue!

1.55pm.. and there we go.... a key break... not even 2pm. :)

sp'2040... with VIX 16s...

Hmm... a Thurs' close of 2034/30 with VIX 17s would make the Friday open far more interesting.