Thursday, 7 April 2016

10am update - opening declines

US equity indexes open moderately lower, with the equity bear flag and VIX bull pennant being confirmed. In theory, the market should broadly decline across today, with a viable close in the sp'2030s.. along with VIX 16s. Metals are catching a distinct fear bid, Gold +$18, and Silver +1.7%.




*opening VIX candle is currently a problem.

Suffice to add, an interesting open.

Now its a race. Equity bears should push hard for the sp'2030s with VIX 16s by today's close.

notable strength... miners, GDX, daily

With the precious metals on the rise, the related mining stocks are strongly higher.. as has been the case since December.

time to cook

10.24am.. VIX breaks above the opening black-fail candle... so.. that problem is at least resolved.

Now its a case of how we close.

Sure seems quiet out there today, anyone else awake?